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ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
31 December 2006 @ 06:40 pm
The only mistake I've made..

Was believing I had made one at all..

And yet as midnight nears..

It is still so dreadfully silent..

You can feel it too, can't you, Braig? Such hope..

Where-ever you've landed yourself and that rotting carcass..

You had better have an excuse to justify your disappearance..

Not that you are capable of such complicated thought..

Am I expecting too much of you again?
ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
30 November 2006 @ 11:48 pm
The moon shines bright this night..

Like a broach on heaven's gown..

It brings one a sense of familiarity..

Do you remember when you were half..

Of what was once whole?

Perhaps we yearn for the glass half empty once more..

It gives one a sense of something..

Nothing.. Anything.. to yearn for..

To exist for..

Remember the moon we turned our gaze to..

As our guiding light..

Why discredit it's power.. by overshadowing it..

In the sun's all encompassing blaze..


Kingdom Hearts needs time to heal.. Superior..

The power you once had will be in your grasp..

Sooner than one thinks..

Even as Somebodies were are still your Nobodies..

((ooc: Xaldin senses concern over Rosiel's decision to recreate the sun. With the sun gone, the power held within darkness has slowly begun to recharge itself. With Xehanort's loyal subordinates alerted of this, they set forth to stop what could be their only chance of regaining their status of strength.))
ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
01 November 2006 @ 05:02 am
This form.. it's.. completely taken me..

What have I become.. is this.. rrr...

This beast.. this foul creature.. how could I have..


((ooc: Xaldin dressed as a Dragoon and...... Well there you go. ))
ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
05 October 2006 @ 03:41 am
Such a grim yet beautiful display..

This city becomes of greater interest..

Day by day..

Night by night..

Angels who wear the guise of demons..

Demons who wear the guise of angels..

I do wonder which will destroy each of the other..

In the midst of their own deception..

Perhaps we could aid that progression along..
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ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
09 September 2006 @ 09:46 pm


So it seems I've lost my Somebody form..

And fallen into another's SomeBody..

This spindly woman is in need of proper dress..

Until I can garner an ideal..

To reverse this devastation..
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ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
21 August 2006 @ 12:34 am
Something strange stirs this heart.. be still.

A flicker of warmth.. it's Unwelcome.

The aroma of pheromones.. Stench.

Plagues this city.. Return.

Listening to the trigger-minded is always unwise.. Curiouser and Curiouser, Hunter.

((ooc: Xaldin followed Xigbar to Vetere and.. Oh the regret in listening to nutjobs. x.x;; ))
ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
09 August 2006 @ 03:00 am
Existence.. Full and Complete..

I have it at last..

Our quest as an Organization is at an end..

I do wonder.. where that leaves them..

The World that Never Was is like a wasteland, now..

Hmph.. What use is there to stay..

When we no longer have a master to serve..

Perhaps the rest of them have already become slaves..

To the beat of their own heart..
ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
30 June 2006 @ 05:58 am
So it seems nearly habitués..

Our allies disperse as quickly as they emerge..

Will there come to be one of us..

Who truly understands our great gift?

And come to know better..

Not to squander it..

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ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
04 June 2006 @ 04:49 am
Belligerent Ape..

What's become of our completion..

Hmph. I may incline to bring this storm to a hush..

Once it's seethed itself..

And grown weary of it's own nonsense..

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ザルディン +{~- Xaldin -~}+
23 May 2006 @ 02:24 am
We sank beneath the soothing streams of time..

Grateful to be granted another day..

For all..

There came a time that each of us would enter..

A sleep from which we would never wake..

Find solace in the gentle arms of virtues..

Who grant hearts to the nothings..

And wake them from the never ending sleep..

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